Forthcoming gigs:


Past gigs:

28th of January 2023 at  Villa Montald, from 19:30 to 21:30, a fundraising concert organised by EU Can Aid.

19th of November 2022 at The Wild Geese, 20:00

19th of September 2021, Tennis Club Churchill, 12:30

18th of September 2021, Enghien, 20:30

25th of September 2020 at Villa Montald, 20:30

26th of October 2019 at Sauce Park (see on the map)

15th of June 2019 at The Wild Geese

25th of January 2019 at Sass’N Jazz

15th November 2018 at Sass’N Jazz, The Brussels Musicians’ Meetup

17th of May 2018 at Sass’N Jazz

20th of April 2018 at The Corner

17th of May 2017 at The Corner